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Organizational Units

Forestry and Parks
Organizational Units

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Forestry and Parks
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Forestry Division
Parks Operations Division
Lands Operations Division
Environmental Enforcement Branch
Lands Delivery and Coordination North
Recreation Land and Ecosystem Management
Public Lands Disposition Management
Lands Delivery and Coordination South
Range Conservation and Stewardship Section
Recreation, Ecosystem and Land Management Section
Hunting and Fishing Branch
Financial Services Division
Range Conservation and Stewardship Section
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Alexander, Mike
403 382-4299 Director, Rangeland Conservation and Stewardship Section
Haugan, Katherine
780 933-3866 Area Range Management Specialist
Green, Sarah
780 643-1769 Information Management / Analysis Lead
Gagnon, Sylvain
587 385-8192 Range Resource Data Analyst
Smith, Darrell R.
780 983-1752 Rangeland Programs and Issues Lead
Cartwright, Kelsey
587 574-9930 Rangeland Program Specialist
Rinas, Natasha
780 220-2310 Rangeland Program Specialist
DeMaere, Craig
403 627-1131 Provincial Rangeland Specialist - Montane / Foothills / Lethbridge
Holden, Kaitlin
403 297-7364 Area Range Management Specialist
Broadbent, Tanner
403 381-5982 Area Range Management Specialist - Lethbridge
Adams, Ross
403 382-4287 Area Range Management Specialist - Lethbridge

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