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Organizational Units

Forestry and Parks
Organizational Units

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Forestry and Parks
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Forestry Division
Parks Operations Division
Lands Operations Division
Environmental Enforcement Branch
Lands Delivery and Coordination North
Recreation Land and Ecosystem Management
Public Lands Disposition Management
Lands Delivery and Coordination South
Range Conservation and Stewardship Section
Recreation, Ecosystem and Land Management Section
Hunting and Fishing Branch
Financial Services Division
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Quintilio, Kevin
780 778-7257 Director, Integrated Land Delivery
McLeod, Calvin
780 538-8010 Acting Director, Integrated Lands Delivery North
Kentner, Darrell
780 778-7255 Lands Manager NE
Plitt, Craig
780 674-8304 Lands Team Lead NE
Vierath, Chris
780 778-7108 Senior Lands Officer NE
Braun, Nicole
780 778-7154 Lands Officer NE
Geddes, David
780 778-7256 Lands Officer NE
Bowlby, Jennifer
780 675-8226 Lands Officer NE
Laird, Jamie
780 623-5396 Lands Team Lead NE
Doerkson, Kathleen
780 675-8224 Senior Lands Officer NE
McNutt, Kendra A.
780 623-5281 Senior Lands Officer NE
Timm, Neil
780 623-5482 Lands Officer NE
Grier, James
780 623-5369 Lands Officer NE
Homolova, Veronika
780 623-5394 Lands Officer NE
Silzer, Tanya
780 778-7107 Senior Agrologist Team Lead
Holtze, Trevor
780 849-7304 Lands Approval Team Lead
Yacyshyn, Therese
780 523-6544 Operations Section Head
Lazenby, Tayla
780 675-8228 Rangeland Agrologist
Peterson, Ben
780 826-4297 Rangeland Agrologist
Robinson, Jaime
780 645-6274 Rangeland Agrologist
Wanchuk, Megan
780 675-2254 Rangeland Agrologist
Kelly, Mathew
780 215-3015 Recreation Officer

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