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Organizational Units

Forestry and Parks
Organizational Units

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Forestry and Parks
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Forestry Division
Forest Stewardship and Trade Branch
Wildfire Management Branch
Business Services
Wildfire Operations Section
Wildfire Prevention Section
Hinton Training Centre
Provincial Warehouse and Service Centre
Calgary Forest Area
Edson Forest Area
Fort McMurray Forest Area
Grande Prairie Forest Area
High Level Forest Area
Lac La Biche Forest Area
Lac La Biche Forest Area
Peace River Forest Area
Rocky Mountain House Forest Area
Slave Lake Forest Area
Whitecourt Forest Area
Parks Operations Division
Lands Operations Division
Financial Services Division
Fort McMurray Forest Area
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Newman, Mark
780 743-7213 Wildfire Management Specialist
Daina, Lynn
780 743-7265 Area Information Coordinator
Zenter, Jen
780 743-7287 Wildfire Operations Officer
Johnson, Scott
780 788-6410 Area Forester
Jennings, Kent
780 743-7176 Forest Operations Monitoring Specialist
St John, Paul
780 743-7209 Wildfire Prevention Officer
Gammon, Alan
780 743-7341 Wildfire Technologist
Perih, Candace
780 743-7269 Wildfire Technologist
Schaplowsky, Mark
780 743-7369 Wildfire Technologist
Barnett, Rob
780 743-7260 Forest Officer
Hrycun, Dean
780 743-7267 Wildfire Technologist
Archibald, Quinn
780 743-7266 Forest Officer
Penner, Benjamin
780 743-7279 Forest Officer
Vawter, Christopher
780 788-6446 Forest Officer
Whitbread, Jarret
Wildfire Technologist
Fort McMurray Forest Area

Forestry and Parks

Phone: 780 743-7121
Fax: 780 743-7244

780 743-7121 Wildfire Technologist
Haggis, Philip
780 743-7330 Crew Supervisor
Eaton, Dylan
780 799-0506 Forest Officer
Flinn, John
  Forest Officer
Schmidt, Michael
780 743-7257 Forest Officer
Taylor, Brandon
  Forest Officer
George, Nancy
780 743-7298 Wildfire Dispatch Officer
Joyce, Estelle
780 743-7293 Wildfire Logistics Coordinator
Sutton, Nancy
780 743-7298 Wildfire Dispatch Supervisor
MacAulay, Breagh
780 743-7198 Wildfire Ranger
McIsaac, Sandra
780 799-7459 Supervisor, Forestry Warehouse
McGean, Doug
780 799-7469 Stockkeeper

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