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Organizational Units

Forestry and Parks
Organizational Units

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Forestry and Parks
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Forestry Division
Forest Stewardship and Trade Branch
Wildfire Management Branch
Business Services
Wildfire Operations Section
Wildfire Prevention Section
Hinton Training Centre
Provincial Warehouse and Service Centre
Calgary Forest Area
Edson Forest Area
Fort McMurray Forest Area
Grande Prairie Forest Area
High Level Forest Area
Lac La Biche Forest Area
Lac La Biche Forest Area
Peace River Forest Area
Rocky Mountain House Forest Area
Slave Lake Forest Area
Whitecourt Forest Area
Parks Operations Division
Lands Operations Division
Financial Services Division
Slave Lake Forest Area
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Johnston, Iain
780 849-7425 Forest Area Manager
Lovequist, Leah
780 849-0945 Area Information Coordinator
Gorzeman, Daniel
780 849-7405 Wildfire Ranger
Blocka, Tanis
780 805-3629 Senior Forester
Macdonald, Russell
Area Forester
Slave Lake Forest Area

Forestry and Parks

Phone: 780 805-3637
Fax: 780 849-6826

780 805-3637 Area Forester
Michaud, Bernard
780 849-7456 Area Forester
Warren-Currier, Caleen
780 523-6609 Area Forester
Zelt, Deanna
780 805-3633 Area Forester
Lund, Shawna
780 849-7422 Forest Officer
Cottingham, Jason
780 523-7238 Wildfire Management Specialist
Pankratow, Jason
780 849-7455 Wildfire Prevention Officer
Derry, Roland
780 523-6514 Wildfire Technologist
Chalifoux, George
780 523-6621 Wildfire Ranger
Anderson, Rob E.
780 849-7063 Wildfire Air Attack Officer
Courtoreille, Paul
780 523-6571 Wildfire Ranger
McCormick, Craig
780 523-6604 Forest Officer
Eliuk, Susan
780 849-7447 Forest Officer
L'Hirondelle, Lorne
780 523-6611 Wildfire Ranger
Perih, Brent
780 891-5380 Wildfire Technologist
Carew, Christopher
780 891-3110 Wildfire Ranger
Willis, Stephen
780 849-7418 Wildfire Technologist
Farnham, Tristan
780 805-4390 Wildfire Ranger
Walton, Charles
780 849-7448 Wildfire Ranger
Fourie, Sonja
780 849-7431 Logistics Coordinator
Charlebois, George
780 805-3637 Wildfire Ranger
Turcotte, Michael
780 805-1201 Helitack Coordinator/Wildfire Ranger
Josey, Krista
780 849-7435 Wildfire Dispatch Supervisor

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