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Organizational Units

Forestry and Parks
Organizational Units

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Forestry and Parks
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Corporate Strategic Services
Ministerial Correspondence Unit
Forestry Division
Parks Operations Division
Lands Operations Division
Financial Services Division
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Person, Victoria
Communications Director

Forestry and Parks

Phone: 780 893-7230

780 893-7230 Communications Director
Retson-Spalding, Christi
587 785-2170 Assistant Communications Director
Mellroy, Jocelyn
587 341-6670 Communications Administrator
Burgess, Bridget
780 203-2630 Communications Advisor
Haines, Aubry
587 340-9468 Communications Advisor
Hui, Joshua
780 237-1831 Communications Advisor
Kopan, Karl
587 985-1431 Communications Advisor
Galliver, Kyle
780 660-7358 Digital Content Specialist

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