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Organizational Units

Forestry and Parks
Organizational Units

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Forestry and Parks
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Forestry Division
Parks Operations Division
Lands Operations Division
Environmental Enforcement Branch
Lands Delivery and Coordination North
Lands Delivery and Coordination South
Hunting and Fishing Branch
Financial Services Division
Hunting and Fishing Branch
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Besko, Matt
780 427-7769 Executive Director
Petry, Shane
403 382-4362 Director, Fisheries Allocation and Use
Corrigan, Rob
780 427-3271 Manager, Fish and Wildlife Licensing
Hunter, Shannon
780 908-2783 Priority Issues Coordinator
Serafinchon, Deborah
780 427-9309 Licensing Program Service Specialist
Abraham, Reena
780 415-5822 Licensing Administrator
Keef, Nicole
780 427-3466 Licensing Program Assistant
Fernandes, Ron
Commercial Licensing and Revenue Services
Hunting and Fishing Branch

Forestry and Parks

Phone: 780 644-7034

780 644-7034 Commercial Licensing and Revenue Services
Kelley, Trish
780 638-4401 Fish Health and Biosecurity Specialist
Pybus, Margo
780 427-3462 Provincial Wildlife Disease Specialist
Ball, Mark
780 644-8012 Wildlife Disease Specialist
Stamler, Samantha
780 643-0873 Wildlife Disease Technician
Pila, Emmanuel
780 446-0687 Molecular Biologist
Kimmel, Nicole
780 427-7791 Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist
Quinton, Stephen
780 960-8600 Aquatic Invasive Species Biologist
Clinton, Samantha
587 986-9348 Acting Aquatic Invasive Species - Operations Decontamination Technician
Fisher, William
403 382-0462 Aquatic Invasive Species - Supervisor, Dunmore
Sawchuk, Cindy
403 678-1879 Aquatic Invasive Species Operations / K9 Lead
McLeod, Robert
403 297-5893 Acting Aquatic Invasive Species - Operations Field Coordinator
McCubbin, Heather
403 562-3201 Aquatic Invasive Species - Operations Supervisor / K9 Handler
Dharmasiri Gamage, Ruwini
780 632-8208 Senior Lab Technician Accreditation
Chen, Yijun
587 987-5272 Lab Technician
  Lead Data Technician
Olaniyan, Benjamen
  Fish Disease Technician
  WD Lab Technician

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