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Organizational Units

Executive Branch
Organizational Units

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Executive Branch
Office of the Premier
Members of Executive Council
Executive Council
Office of the Deputy Minister
Cabinet Coordination and Ministry Services
Executive Council - Intergovernmental Relations
Executive Council - Policy Coordination Office
Executive Council - Special Projects
Executive Council - International / Intergovernmental Relations
Members of Executive Council
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Smith, Danielle, Honourable
780 427-2251 Premier, President of the Executive Council, Minister of Intergovernmental Relations
Ellis, Mike, Honourable
780 415-9550 Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services
Horner, Nate, Honourable
780 415-4855 President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance
Sawhney, Rajan, Honourable
780 427-5777 Minister of Advanced Education
Neudorf, Nathan, Honourable
780 427-0265 Minister of Affordability and Utilities and Vice-Chair of Treasury Board
Sigurdson, RJ, Honourable
780 427-2137 Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation
Fir, Tanya, Honourable
780 422-3559 Minister of Arts, Culture and Status of Women
Turton, Searle, Honourable
780 644-5255 Minister of Children and Family Services
Nicolaides, Demetrios, Honourable
780 427-5010 Minister of Education
Jean, Brian, Honourable
780 427-3740 Minister of Energy and Minerals
Schulz, Rebecca, Honourable
780 427-2391 Minister of Environment and Protected Areas
Loewen, Todd, Honourable
780 644-7353 Minister of Forestry and Parks
LaGrange, Adriana, Honourable
780 427-3665 Minister of Health
Yaseen, Muhammad, Honourable
780 644-2212 Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism
Wilson, Rick, Honourable
780 422-4144 Minister of Indigenous Relations
Guthrie, Pete, Honourable
780 427-5041 Minister of Infrastructure
Jones, Matt, Honourable
780 644-8554 Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade
Amery, Mickey, Honourable
780 427-2339 Minister of Justice
Williams, Dan, Honourable
780 427-0165 Minister of Mental Health and Addiction
McIver, Ric, Honourable
780 427-3744 Minister of Municipal Affairs
Nixon, Jason, Honourable
780 643-6210 Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services
Nally, Dale, Honourable
780 422-6880 Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction
Glubish, Nate, Honourable
780 644-8830 Minister of Technology and Innovation
Schow, Joseph, Honourable
780 427-3070 Minister of Tourism and Sport
Dreeshen, Devin, Honourable
780 427-2080 Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors
Getson, Shane
  Chief Government Whip
Schow, Joseph, Honourable
780 427-3070 House Leader and Minister of Tourism and Sport

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