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Organizational Units

Executive Branch
Organizational Units

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Executive Branch
Office of the Premier
House Leader's Office
Premier's Communications Office
Premier's Southern Alberta Office
Alberta First Committee
Building Communities Committee
Economic Diversification Committee
Legislative Review Cabinet Committee
Priorities Implementation Cabinet Committee
Public Safety and Wellness
Treasury Board
Members of Executive Council
Executive Council
Office of the Premier
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Smith, Danielle, Honourable
780 427-2251 Premier, President of Executive Council
Stavropoulos, Katherine
780 427-2251 Executive Assistant to Premier and Tour Coordination
Smith, Marshall
780 427-2251 Chief of Staff
Shephard, Shawna
780 427-2251 Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff
Anderson, Rob
780 427-2251 Executive Director of Premier's Office
Gray, Mitchel
780 427-2251 Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Policy Coordination
Maxwell, Alison
780 427-2251 Executive Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff
Buick, Steve
780 427-2251 Government Relations Officer
Houle, Elliott
780 427-2251 Director of Tour
Procee, Peter
780 427-2251 Tour and Advance Coordinator
Bergen, Char
780 427-2251 Scheduling Officer
Grolway, Cheryl
780 427-2251 Scheduling Officer
Keil, T.J.
780 427-2251 Special Advisor
Frey, Michaela
780 427-2251 Senior Advisor

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