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Organizational Units

Executive Branch
Organizational Units

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Executive Branch
Office of the Premier
Members of Executive Council
Executive Council
Office of the Deputy Minister
Cabinet Coordination and Ministry Services
Cabinet Coordination Office
Operations and Machinery of Government
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Ministry Services
Finance (TBF)
IT Support Services (SA)
Human Resources (PSC)
Executive Council - Intergovernmental Relations
Executive Council - Policy Coordination Office
Executive Council - Special Projects
Executive Council - International / Intergovernmental Relations
Finance (TBF)
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Hogemann, Dana
780 415-9255 Assistant Deputy Minister and Senior Financial Officer
Denis, Stacey
780 415-9140 Director, Financial Operations and Executive Advisor to ADM/SFO
Reimer, Crystal
780 427-9392 Manager, Financial Operations
Williams, Marlene
780 415-9792 Senior Finance Analyst
Kinniburgh, Stephanie
780 644-5772 Accounts Payable Coordinator
Nforne, Titus
780 422-0375 Financial Compliance Coordinator
Crewson, Ellen
780 415-4792 Financial Administrator
Moses, Benjamin
780 427-0788 Financial Administrator

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