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Organizational Units

Executive Branch
Organizational Units

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Executive Branch
Office of the Premier
Members of Executive Council
Executive Council
Office of the Deputy Minister
Cabinet Coordination and Ministry Services
Executive Council - Intergovernmental Relations
Intergovernmental Relations
Economic and Resource and Internal Trade Policy
Federal / Provincial Relations and Social Policy
Sustainability and Emissions Reduction Innovation Secretariat
Executive Council - Policy Coordination Office
Executive Council - Special Projects
Executive Council - International / Intergovernmental Relations
Federal / Provincial Relations and Social Policy
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Bergen, Trevor
780 288-9573 Executive Director, Federal / Provincial Relations and Social Policy
Bayley, Amanda
780 265-6943 Associate Director, Social Policy
Reynolds, Ciara
Associate Director, Social Policy
Federal / Provincial Relations and Social Policy

Executive Branch

Phone: 780 986-5984

780 986-5984 Associate Director, Social Policy
Godinho, Gary
780 422-4340 APIP Policy Analyst
Rahim, Ijaz
780 690-9783 Associate Director, Federal/Provincial
Bailey, Adam
587 984-5690 Director, Social Policy
Reeson, Peter
780 415-9289 Senior Intergovernmental Officer
Ferguson-Davis, Chloe
780 638-3266 Intergovernmental Officer
Switzer, Taylor
780 643-3870 Intergovernmental Officer

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