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Organizational Units

Executive Branch
Organizational Units

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Executive Branch
Office of the Premier
Members of Executive Council
Executive Council
Office of the Deputy Minister
Cabinet Coordination and Ministry Services
Cabinet Coordination Office
Operations and Machinery of Government
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Ministry Services
Executive Council - Intergovernmental Relations
Executive Council - Policy Coordination Office
Executive Council - Special Projects
Executive Council - International / Intergovernmental Relations
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title

Main Number
Phone: 780 427-7243

780 427-7243 Main Number
Lakhani, Salma, The Hon.
780 427-7243 Lieutenant Governor
Raposo, Jennie
780 427-7243 Private Secretary and Director
  Communications Officer
  Office Manager
Cassidy, Alisha
780 427-7243 Administrative Assistant
Zacharko, Anna
780 427-7243 Events Coordinator

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