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Organizational Units

Environment and Protected Areas
Organizational Units

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Environment and Protected Areas
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Office of the Chief Scientist
Financial Services Division
Lands Division
Policy Division
Air and Climate Policy Branch
Air Policy Section
External Climate Policy and Risk Management Section
TIER Policy and Economics Section
Strategic Climate Policy Section
Industrial Climate Policy
Climate Regulation and Carbon Markets Branch
Policy and Climate Systems Branch
Water and Waste Policy Branch
Regulatory Assurance Division
Resource Stewardship Division
Strategy and Governance Division
Environmental Appeals Board
Natural Resources Conservation Board
Air Policy Section
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Willianen, Sharon
780 644-1260 Director
Ko, Terence
780 427-0161 Senior Manager, Ambient Air Policy
Curran, Rhonda Lee
780 644-5339 Senior Source Standards Engineer
Ramnauth, Ajeev
780 643-1673 Air Emission Source Standards Engineer
Ricci, Matilda
780 644-8357 Senior Source Standards Engineer
Dobko, Randy
780 427-6869 Senior Source Standards Engineer
Lyder, David
780 644-8693 Senior Air Modelling Standards Engineer
Melick, Richard
780 422-9495 Senior Emissions Inventory Scientist
Mazur, Maxwell
780 427-4979 Senior Ambient Standards Specialist
Clayton, Andrew
780 644-7966 Senior Ambient Air Specialist
Cho, Sunny
780 644-4717 Senior Air Scientist
Sharkey, Richard
780 644-6974 Senior Air Policy Analyst
Lucas, Sheila
403 874-2103 Air Policy Analyst
  Ambient Policy Research Specialist

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