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Organizational Units

Environment and Protected Areas
Organizational Units

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Environment and Protected Areas
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Office of the Chief Scientist
Financial Services Division
Lands Division
Policy Division
Regulatory Assurance Division
Resource Stewardship Division
Strategy and Governance Division
Intergovernmental Relations and Engagement Branch
Indigenous Initiatives, Consultation and Collaboration Branch
Operational Services Branch
Operations Monitor and Evaluation
Operational Services
Regional Services North West
Regional Services South
Regional Services North East
Regional Services Central
Safety Program Delivery
Provincial Geospatial Center
Risk and Business Continuity
1GX Continuity
Office of System Transformation
Office of Change Management
Environmental Appeals Board
Natural Resources Conservation Board
Regional Services South
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Berisha, Lena
403 894-7333 Regional Services Manager (South)
Coolidge, Kim
403 331-0826 Finance and Administration Unit Lead
Feenstra, Stephanie
403 381-5156 Administration Team Lead
Gavora, Alessandra
403 297-7602 Administration Team Lead
Hiuser, Sarah
403 297-8808 Administration Team Lead
Melosky, Michaela
403 297-8821 Acting Administration Team Lead
Nelson, Carole-Anne
403 340-7784 Administration Team Lead
Anderson, Selene
403 529-3680 Administrative Support
Breitkreuz, Michelle
403 340-7052 Administrative Support
Chappeland, Marie-Pierre
403 673-3663 [201] Administrative Support
Chrupka, Kelsey
403 381-5486 Administrative Support
Collingwood, Juliet
403 388-7722 Administrative Support
Frank, Susan
403 341-8678 Administrative Support
Hermanson, Ruth
403 297-2005 Administrative Support
Hughes, Cindy
403 297-3632 Administrative Support
Lukomski, Nadine
403 297-8800 Administrative Support
North Peigan, Sonya
403 627-1120 Administrative Support
Rich, Patty
403 297-5986 Administrative Support
Wollbaum, Danielle
403 297-6250 Administrative Support
Hernandez, Patricia
403 355-4075 Administrative Support
Wandler, Patricia
403 562-3210 Administrative Support
Craig, Florette
403 340-7052 Administrative Support
Harper, Tammy
403 382-4254 Administrative Support

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