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Organizational Units

Environment and Protected Areas
Organizational Units

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Environment and Protected Areas
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Office of the Chief Scientist
Financial Services Division
Lands Division
Policy Division
Regulatory Assurance Division
Resource Stewardship Division
Environmental Knowledge and Prediction Branch
Fish and Wildlife Stewardship Branch
Fish and Wildlife Policy Section
Northeast Region
Northwest Region
South Region
Species at Risk and Stewardship Section
Oilsands Monitoring Branch
Airshed and Watershed Stewardship Branch
Strategy and Governance Division
Environmental Appeals Board
Natural Resources Conservation Board
Northwest Region
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Hervieux, Dave
780 538-5618 Director, Fish and Wildlife North West
Wilcox, KayeDon
780 618-7135 Fisheries Northwest Manager
Fullerton, Lyle
780 624-6496 Special Projects Coordinator
Blackburn, Mike
780 723-8208 Senior Fisheries Biologist
Briggs, Chris
780 624-6248 Senior Fisheries Biologist
Sedgwick, Gary
780 529-9712 Senior Fisheries Technician
Knack, Cody
780 518-4379 Fisheries Technician
Cox, Ryan
780 723-8520 Fisheries Biologist
Kissinger, Benjamin
780 538-5412 Fisheries Biologist
Wakeling, Kristy
780 849-7108 Fisheries Biologist
Melnycky, Natalka
780 624-7176 Senior Wildlife Biologist
Russell, Michael
780 833-4370 Senior Wildlife Biologist
Anderson, Nils
780 538-8047 Wildlife Biologist
Blanchard, Fauve
780 778-7291 Wildlife Biologist
Downing, Kevin
780 723-8518 Wildlife Biologist
Smereka, Corey
780 402-1358 Wildlife Biologist
Stambaugh, Curtis
780 833-4953 Wildlife Northwest Manager
Johns, David
780 887-9409 Senior Species at Risk Biologist
Blagdon, Duncan
780 833-4359 Species at Risk Biologist
Dobroski, Morgan
780 833-4352 Species at Risk Biologist
Nobert, Barry
780 833-4290 Species at Risk Biologist
Seip, Caroline
780 296-5629 Species at Risk Biologist

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