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Organizational Units

Environment and Protected Areas
Organizational Units

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Environment and Protected Areas
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Office of the Chief Scientist
Financial Services Division
Lands Division
Policy Division
Regulatory Assurance Division
Resource Stewardship Division
Environmental Knowledge and Prediction Branch
River Engineering and Technical Services Section
Integrated Environmental Modelling and Prediction Section
Environmental Knowledge and Data Stewardship Section
Watershed Resilience and Transboundary Waters Section
Fish and Wildlife Stewardship Branch
Oilsands Monitoring Branch
Airshed and Watershed Stewardship Branch
Strategy and Governance Division
Environmental Appeals Board
Natural Resources Conservation Board
River Engineering and Technical Services Section
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Enns, Cory
780 499-5341 Director, River Engineering and Technical Services
Haimila, Bryce
780 427-8221 Flood Hazard Manager
Islam, Zahidul
780 643-9044 Fluvial Hydraulics and Geomorphology Specialist
Choles, Jim
780 427-8225 River Engineer
Durrani, Muhammad
780 427-0228 River Engineer
Eaket, Jane
780 427-2376 River Engineer
Javid, Hammad
780 644-3029 River Engineer
Morrison, Kurt
780 644-5211 River Engineer
Onyshko, Peter
780 422-7826 River Engineer
Katan, Lance
780 427-8349 River Hazard Technologist
Bezeau, Peter
780 405-6304 River Forecast Manager
Akhtar, Khaled
780 644-2689 River Forecast Engineer
Brunet, Nathalie
780 427-0539 River Forecast Engineer
Qureshi, Zahid
780 427-2062 River Forecast Engineer
Shafiefar, Massoud
780 427-1151 River Forecast Engineer
Walford, Colleen
780 427-9978 River Forecast Specialist Engineer
Watson, David
780 427-1124 River Forecast Engineer
Foster, Stephen
780 422-5327 River Technologist
Emmer, Stefan
780 427-0690 River Hydraulics and Ice Engineer
Kovachis-Watson, Nadia
780 427-8646 River Hydraulics and Ice Engineer
Shio, Steve
780 427-0919 River Technologist

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