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Organizational Units

Environment and Protected Areas
Organizational Units

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Environment and Protected Areas
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Office of the Chief Scientist
Financial Services Division
Lands Division
Policy Division
Regulatory Assurance Division
Resource Stewardship Division
Environmental Knowledge and Prediction Branch
Fish and Wildlife Stewardship Branch
Oilsands Monitoring Branch
Airshed and Watershed Stewardship Branch
Airshed Sciences
Provincial Air and Watershed Resource Management
Provincial Airshed and Watershed Monitoring
Air Monitoring
Water Monitoring
Grande Prairie
Community-Based Monitoring and Knowledge
Watershed Sciences
Strategy and Governance Division
Environmental Appeals Board
Natural Resources Conservation Board
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Rogans, James
403 369-0093 Water Monitoring Regional Supervisor
Neve, Elizabeth
403 669-8917 Office Coordinator
Borecki, Joanna
587 984-1415 Groundwater Monitoring Technologist
Hill, Brandon
587 586-7610 Groundwater Technologist
Rollag, Dennis
Meteorological Technologist

Environment and Protected Areas
Phone: 403 519-9125

403 519-9125 Meteorological Technologist
Guan, May
403 710-0083 Water Monitoring Technologist
Tait, Marina
587 573-2616 Water Monitoring Technologist
Anderson, Meghan
403 826-0854 Water Monitoring Regional Supervisor
Slobodzian, Tori
403 297-2434 Surface Water Quality Technologist
Zettel, Jim
587 227-1687 Water Monitoring Technologist

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