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Organizational Units

Energy and Minerals
Organizational Units

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Energy and Minerals
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Energy Operations Division
Energy Policy Division
Energy Information and Analysis Branch
Resource Development Policy Branch
Resource Stewardship Policy Branch
Proceedings Management Branch
Energy Transition Division
Ministry Services Division
Business Planning and Services
Finance and Administration
Legal Services
Professional and Program Services Branch
Resource Mapping and Analysis
Program Design, Implementation and Monitoring
Strategy and Market Access Division
Stakeholder Relations Division
Alberta Utilities Commission
Resource Mapping and Analysis
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Husak, Lori
780 427-8708 Director
Froese, Karl
780 427-8983 GIS Specialist
Hung, Christine
780 422-6287 GIS Technologist
Oh, Hanna
780 644-4789 GIS Technologist
Gosling, Katy
780 644-5036 Mineral Mapping Technologist
McGale, Debbie
780 427-8970 Manager, Mineral Restrictions and Rights Available
Gill, Simiran
780 427-8975 Policy Analyst
Lloyd, Brad
780 644-5406 Resource Specialist
Umeris, Elaine
780 427-8984 Senior GIS Specialist
Key, Garrett
780 644-7275 GIS Technologist
Lee, Simon
780 427-8963 Manager - GIS Integration, Analytics and Visualization
Harris, Robert
780 427-8978 Senior GIS Specialist
Davies, John
780 427-8983 Geospatial Data Steward
Schaapman, Jay
780 427-9086 Senior GIS Specialist
Liang, Wei
780 427-9085 GIS Specialist
Tonkovic, Robert
780 427-9092 Manager, Mineral Ownership
La Rochelle, Stephane
780 427-8757 Senior GIS Specialist
Lee, Youngseo
780 422-4504 GIS Technologist
Beilman, Kevin
780 422-2878 GIS Project Coordinator
Bebwa, Akiza
780 644-8010 Policy Analyst
Bhavsar, Mansi
780 427-8971 Research Analyst

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