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Organizational Units

Energy and Minerals
Organizational Units

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Energy and Minerals
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Energy Operations Division
Oil Sands, Coal and Mineral Operations
Applications and Compliance
Coal and Mineral Development
Royalty and Tenure
Petroleum Marketing and Valuation
PNG Tenure Operations
Royalty Operations
Energy Policy Division
Energy Transition Division
Ministry Services Division
Strategy and Market Access Division
Stakeholder Relations Division
Alberta Utilities Commission
Royalty and Tenure
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Serpa, Luis
780 422-1729 Director
Grywul, Jody
780 427-5794 Manager, Oil Sands Tenure
Haque, Tashfin
780 422-1334 Manager, Royalty Administration
Badan, Adela
780 802-8034 Royalty Analyst
Garcia, Chloe
780 644-1473 Royalty Analyst
Razzaq, Aliha
780 422-9004 Royalty Analyst
Sidhu, Jagbal
780 422-9004 Royalty Analyst
Sunshine, Bonnie
780 422-1589 Royalty Analyst
Coutu, Anneliese
780 427-9076 Senior Land Analyst
Lecours, Natalie
780 422-9162 Senior Land Analyst
Rendell, Sherri
780 638-5657 Senior Land Analyst
Azim, Narisa
780 422-0184 Unit Lead
Duchesneau, Diane
780 644-2620 Senior Business Analyst
Chapman, Duanita
780 643-1608 Business Analyst
Charan, Asneil
780 422-7402 Senior Business Analyst
Anyebe, Ameh
403 297-5408 Business Analyst
Trifunovic, Liliana
780 422-9166 Business Analyst

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