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Organizational Units

Energy and Minerals
Organizational Units

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Energy and Minerals
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Energy Operations Division
Oil Sands, Coal and Mineral Operations
Petroleum Marketing and Valuation
PNG Tenure Operations
Crown Agreement Management
Agreement Administration
Continuation & Validation
Crown Equity, Sales & Business Support, CCUS Implementation
Royalty Operations
Energy Policy Division
Energy Transition Division
Ministry Services Division
Strategy and Market Access Division
Stakeholder Relations Division
Alberta Utilities Commission
Agreement Administration
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Agreement Administration Helpdesk 780 644-2300
Rentals and Transfers Helpdesk 780 644-2300
Stenerson, Dennis
780 643-6392 Manager
Yeung, Jenny
780 427-8945 Business Integration Analyst
Holovati, Renata
780 638-4026 Team Lead
Ziebart, Alicia
780 422-9158 Senior Land Analyst
Gnap, Jessica
780 427-8955 Land Analyst
Hilbrecht, Samantha
780 422-9199 Land Analyst
Lapointe, April D.
780 422-9381 Land Analyst
Tsang-Mackenzie, Sabrina
780 644-8970 Land Analyst
Witzke, Anita
780 422-9386 Land Analyst

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