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Organizational Units

Energy and Minerals
Organizational Units

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Energy and Minerals
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Energy Operations Division
Energy Policy Division
Energy Transition Division
Ministry Services Division
Business Planning and Services
Finance and Administration
Legal Services
Professional and Program Services Branch
Resource Mapping and Analysis
Program Design, Implementation and Monitoring
Strategy and Market Access Division
Stakeholder Relations Division
Alberta Utilities Commission
Program Design, Implementation and Monitoring
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Wills, Stephen
780 422-5430 Director, Program Design, Implementation and Monitoring
Anderson, Rodney
780 643-6375 Manager, Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Programs
Alihodzic, Jasmina
780 415-1951 CCUS Analyst
Saavedra, Robert Z.
780 422-9484 Program Analyst
Humphrey, Patti
780 644-7512 Senior Program Analyst
KC, Arjun
780 638-3027 Manager, Resource Programs
Mahmood, Waseem
780 638-1199 Senior Program Analyst
Pennings, Femke
780 422-9139 Senior Program Analyst
Lobb, Shane
780 641-9742 Policy Analyst

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