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Organizational Units

Children and Family Services
Organizational Units

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Children and Family Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Child Intervention Division
Field Operations Liaison Branch
Policy, Practice and Program Development Branch
Calgary and Area
Assessment Referral Team (ART)
Quality Assurance / InterProvincial
Youth / Cultural Diversity
Regional Leadership Team
Regional Records Centre
Regional Services - Court Services / C.I. Support
Regional Services - Plaza 14 / Social Services Response Team (SSRT) / Child and Youth Support Program (CYSP) / Supports for Permanency (SFP)
Resource Management
Indigenous Services
Airdrie Office
Bowness Office
Dover Office
Forest Lawn Office
High River / DCRT
Calgary Region / Child Advocacy Centre
South Calgary Office
Strathmore Office
Westmount Regional Services
Claresholm Visiting Office
Calgary Region Disclosure Team
Central Alberta
Edmonton Region
North Region
Contracting and Procurement Team
North East
North West
Grande Prairie and Area Office
High Prairie Area Office
High Prairie Youth Assessment Centre
High Level and Area Office
Peace River and Area Office
Slave Lake Resource Centre
Adoptions / Permanency Planning
Alexis Community Office
Athabasca Community Office
Barrhead Community Office
Bonnyville District Office
Cold Lake Area Office
Edson Child and Family Services Centre
Hinton Child and Family Services Centre
Lac La Biche District Office
NW Metis Settlements - High Prairie Office
NE Metis Settlements - St. Paul Office
St. Paul Area Office
Children's Resource Centre - Vegreville
Westlock Community Office
Whitecourt Community Office (205)
Indigenous and Practice Supports - North Region
South Region
South East Region
Preventive Family Services Division
Indigenous Partnerships and Strategic Services Division
Regulatory Compliance, Quality Assurance and Business Supports Division
Grande Prairie and Area Office
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Main Information 780 538-5159
Clark, Susanna
780 512-6751 Manager, Caregiver Supports - Adoptons
Davidson, Stacy
780 835-0203 Acting Manager, Communications and Issues Management
Dennis, Alison
780 831-5969 Manager, Caregiver Supports - Kinship
Ashmeade, Alicia
587 343-2046 Casework Supervisor, Child Intervention
Baron, Laurie
780 538-5128 Administrative Assistant
Bowen, Allen
780 294-9746 Child Intervention Practitioner
Callfas, Angelica
780 832-2630 Child Intervention Practitioner
Chabot, Kelsey
780 228-7049 Child Intervention Practitioner
Chesnutt, Jane
780 933-0921 Caseworker Supervisor, Child Intervention
Conners, Janine
780 830-9581 Child Intervention Practitioner
Cornish, Diana
780 831-4915 Caregiver Practitioner
Crowe, Teresa
780 538-5538 Child, Youth and Family Support Worker
DeJong, Connie
780 814-1375 Regional Business Administrator
Khoobani, Sepideh
587 340-1310 Regional Business Coordinator
Ejikeme, Udochukwu
780 228-6557 Child Intervention Practitioner
Ennis, Gloria
780 538-5133 Contracts Coordinator
Erick, Charla
780 814-2905 Caregiver Supervisor
Eveleigh, Emily
780 512-6143 Casework Supervisor, Intake
Fuentes, Claudia
780 518-1224 Caregiver Practitioner - Adoptions
Glennie, Marlo
587 343-7943 Child Intervention Practitioner
Hardin, Valerie
780 897-6866 Child Intervention Practitioner
Hines, Shaunda
780 518-5042 Child Intervention Practitioner
Howe, Desmond
780 402-5981 Child Intervention Practitioner
Larabee, Teri
780 512-6586 Casework Supervisor, Child Intervention
Limbaga, Carely
587 297-0348 Contracts Administrative Assistant
MacDonald, Carla
780 831-5593 Contract Specialist
MacWilliam, Jillian
780 512-6120 Child Intervention Practitioner
Magee, Barb
587 343-4667 Caregiver Practitioner - Kinship
Maguire, Joanna
780 882-3513 Child Intervention Practitioner
Maurice, Cheryl
780 728-5230 Caregiver Practitioner - Kinship
Morasch, Ian
780 876-3519 Child Intervention Practitioner - Intake
Mpiani, Anthony
780 830-8552 Child Intervention Practitioner
Ndumu, Emmanuel
780 933-1272 Contract Specialist
Olnick, Cara
780 897-7129 Caregiver Practitioner - Kinship
Owie, Greg
780 832-8152 Practice Specialist-Placement
Owie, Kelly
587 343-7628 Case Aide
Patrick, Glenda
780 538-6273 Administrative Team Lead
Price, Jaeden
780 897-0350 Caregiver Practitioner - Foster Care
Reddicopp, Loni
780 538-5130 Administrative Assistant
Reid, Andrea
780 882-4077 Child Intervention Practitioner - Intake
Ross, Glenda
587 297-1520 Caregiver Practitioner - Foster Care
Shaw, Kerri
780 538-5598 Administrative Assistant
Simms, Kayla
780 284-1542 Caregiver Practitioner - Kinship
Sweetnam, Severyn
780 296-6351 Child Intervention Practitioner - Intake
Syncox, Jody
587 343-4064 Child Intervention Practitioner
Tomniuk, Brad
780 833-4283 Child Intervention Practitioner - Intake
Zallum (Lopez Vazquez), Haiet
780 833-4795 Administrative Assistant

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