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Organizational Units

Children and Family Services
Organizational Units

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Children and Family Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Child Intervention Division
Field Operations Liaison Branch
Policy, Practice and Program Development Branch
Calgary and Area
Central Alberta
Edmonton Region
Communication Services and Supports
Quality Assurance and Child and Youth Support Program
Workforce Development - Strategic Supports
Administrative Staff - Edmonton Regional Office
Contracts and Program Supports
Edmonton Region Practice Specialist
Borden Park - CCEP (327)
Central Boyle (323)
Child Intervention Intake and Response Team (CIIRT)
Clareview (363)
Ermineskin (381)
Energy Square (307)
Fort Saskachewan (356)
Indigenous Services (304)
Inglewood (329)
Integrated Youth Services (338)
Intervention Support Services (309)
Kinship Care North (308)
Kinship Care South (360)
Leduc (381)
Metis Settlements (344)
North Central (322)
North East (362)
Permanency Supports (321)
Placement and Caregiver Supports (383)
Riverview Crossing (305)
Sherwood Park (356)
South East (326)
Station on Whyte (382)
St. Albert / Spruce Grove (340)
West Edmonton (384)
North Region
South Region
South East Region
Preventive Family Services Division
Indigenous Partnerships and Strategic Services Division
Regulatory Compliance, Quality Assurance and Business Supports Division
Edmonton Region
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Main Information 780 427-0003
Cluett, Heather
780 422-0462 Regional Director, Edmonton
Donnan, Sharon
780 427-0005 Executive Coordinator to the Regional Director
Burt-Severo, Georgina
780 278-3657 Regional Contract Resource Senior Manager
Collinson, Patrick
780 415-9696 Associate Director
Conibear, Joan
780 422-5078 Associate Director
Duke, Leanne
780 415-2540 Associate Director
Fox, Lori
780 422-4820 Associate Director
Fuernkranz, Michelle
780 415-1296 Associate Director
Gullickson, Deb
780 422-5659 Associate Director
Keith, LaDene
587 783-9569 Associate Director
Newell, Kim
780 422-0371 Associate Director
Shine, Judy
780 415-1639 Associate Director

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