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Organizational Units

Children and Family Services
Organizational Units

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Children and Family Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Corporate Finance
Financial Planning and Initiatives
Operations and Reporting
Internal Audit and Policy
Regional Finance
Child Intervention Division
Preventive Family Services Division
Indigenous Partnerships and Strategic Services Division
Regulatory Compliance, Quality Assurance and Business Supports Division
Financial Planning and Initiatives
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
  Director, Financial Planning and Budgeting
Chandra, Pranita
780 720-6885 Director, Financial Planning and Budgeting
Ho, Dalton
780 427-1250 Manager, Financial Planning and Initiatives
Luan, Jane
403 463-0293 Manager, Budget and Forecast
Cannon, Laura
780 415-0532 Senior Budget Analyst
Kisana, Ijaz
780 415-9370 Senior Budget Analyst
Sarcanean, Olga
780 427-4572 Senior Budget Analyst
Herd, Karen
780 427-4125 Budget Analyst
Macandili, Vigil
780 638-3261 Budget Analyst

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