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Organizational Units

Children and Family Services
Organizational Units

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Children and Family Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Child Intervention Division
Preventive Family Services Division
Indigenous Partnerships and Strategic Services Division
Regulatory Compliance, Quality Assurance and Business Supports Division
Office of the Statutory Director
Program Information, Evaluation and Performance Branch
CI Business Support Unit
CI Business Support Unit
Performance Analysis and Improvement
Prevention, Early Intervention and Youth Branch
Strategic Design & Technical Integration
Workforce Development Branch
Strategic Planning and Operations Branch
CI Business Support Unit
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Woods, Kim
780 499-9694 Director, Child Intervention Business Support
Senyk, Brenda
780 499-8146 Manager, Child Intervention Program Support
McDonald, Stephanie
780 643-2960 CI Program Support
Capowski, Matthew
780 217-0114 Child Intervention Front Line System Support
Richer, Tessa
587 986-5929 Child Intervention Front Line System Support
Othen, Amber
780 288-8738 Manager, CI Implementation Supports
Grauman, Ryan
780 717-3295 CI Desk Support
Arku, Prosper
780 643-1939 Support Desk Analyst
Adagala, Carol
780 643-1880 CI Learning and Development
Giga, Tazim
780 638-4182 Child Intervention Program Support
Sultana, Nashid
780 638-1283 Child Intervention Program Support
Forsberg, Craig
780 217-2046 Child Intervention Program Specialist
Hidalgo, Graciela
780 643-6127 Acting Child Intervention Program Specialist
Danha, Tenday
780 643-1939 Child Intervention Program Specialist
Rust, Anne
780 643-1850 Child Intervention Desk Support
Helmbold, Anita
780 641-9785 CI Program Support
Paul, Karen
780 643-2958 Tester Project
Fontaine White, Tanya
780 643-2958 Child Intervention Program Specialist

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