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Organizational Units

Children and Family Services
Organizational Units

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Children and Family Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Child Intervention Division
Field Operations Liaison Branch
Policy, Practice and Program Development Branch
Calgary and Area
Central Alberta
Edmonton Region
North Region
South Region
South East Region
Finance and Administration
Brooks Child and Family Intervention
Medicine Hat Child and Family Intervention
Preventive Family Services Division
Indigenous Partnerships and Strategic Services Division
Regulatory Compliance, Quality Assurance and Business Supports Division
South East Region
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Main Number 403 529-3753
403 381-5570 Regional Director
Sustrate, Tracey
Administrative Supervisor
South East Region

Children and Family Services

Phone: 403 529-3755
Fax: 403 528-5244

403 529-3755 Administrative Supervisor
McPherson, Michele
403 529-3753 Administrative Assistant
Klink, Heidi
403 529-3740 Administrative Support

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