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Organizational Units

Children and Family Services
Organizational Units

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Children and Family Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Child Intervention Division
Preventive Family Services Division
Indigenous Partnerships and Strategic Services Division
Regulatory Compliance, Quality Assurance and Business Supports Division
Office of the Statutory Director
Program and Practice Review
Disclosure and Legal Supports
Practice Measurement Unit
Program Information, Evaluation and Performance Branch
Workforce Development Branch
Strategic Planning and Operations Branch
Program and Practice Review
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Colquhoun, Gillian
Program and Practice Review

Children and Family Services

Phone: 780 909-5991

780 909-5991 Manager
Budd, Kelly
403 461-7597 Analyst
DeMaere, Roxanne
403 585-9941 Analyst
Hahmo, Julie
403 466-6423 Analyst
Lakdawala, Rosylin
780 203-5330 Analyst
Lockrey, Alphia
587 990-7227 Analyst
Nelson, Curtis
780 907-6154 Analyst
Sigurdson, Lana
780 919-7800 Analyst

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