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Organizational Units

Arts, Culture and Status of Women
Organizational Units

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Arts, Culture and Status of Women
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Corporate Finance Division
Heritage Division
Status of Women and Creative and Community Development Division
Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Arts Branch
Community Engagement Branch
Cultural Industries Branch
Alberta Media Fund
Jubilee Auditoria
Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Policy, Planning and Legislative Services Branch
Legal and Legislative Services
Planning and Performance Measurement Unit
Policy Coordination and Evaluation Unit
Status of Women and Integration Branch
Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Main Number 780 427-2760
Pringle, Marcie
780 427-5198 Booking Administrator
Papirny, Cory
780 427-6519 Technical Coordinator - Audio
Montgomery, Robert
780 427-6437 Technical Coordinator - Lighting
Hoyles, Cherie
780 427-5933 Technical Coordinator - Stage

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