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Organizational Units

Arts, Culture and Status of Women
Organizational Units

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Arts, Culture and Status of Women
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Corporate Finance Division
Corporate Supports
Financial Reporting and Operations Unit
Financial Planning Unit
Heritage Division
Status of Women and Creative and Community Development Division
Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Arts Branch
Community Engagement Branch
Community Development Unit
Ecosystems and P2
Organization Development
Learning and Development
Community Grants Unit
Nonprofit / Voluntary Sector Policy and Strategy Unit
Cultural Industries Branch
Policy, Planning and Legislative Services Branch
Status of Women and Integration Branch
Learning and Development
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Amos, Heather
780 293-4193 Senior Manager, Learning and Development
Christianson, Joel
780 920-7682 Community Development Officer
McKean, Kelly
587 984-3118 Community Development Officer
Solamillo, Justin
403 880-3213 Community Development Officer
Vaughan, Scott
780 918-9505 Community Development Officer
Shahtoosi, Shahnaz
780 983-5858 Instructional Designer

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