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Organizational Units

Arts, Culture and Status of Women
Organizational Units

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Arts, Culture and Status of Women
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Corporate Finance Division
Heritage Division
Policy and Program Coordination
Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
Provincial Archives of Alberta
Reynolds Museum
Royal Alberta Museum
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
Historic Resources Management Branch
Status of Women and Creative and Community Development Division
Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Arts Branch
Community Engagement Branch
Cultural Industries Branch
Policy, Planning and Legislative Services Branch
Status of Women and Integration Branch
Provincial Archives of Alberta
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Information 780 427-1750
Archives Store and Client Services 780 415-4867
Sandra Thomson Reading Room 780 427-1056
Latta, Leslie
780 427-0058 Executive Director and Provincial Archivist
Fedyna, Markiyan
780 427-1750 Office Administrator
Epp, Kathy
780 427-1119 Public Receptionist / Cashier
Johnson, Elizabeth
780 415-4867 Archives Retail Services Coordinator
Murdoch, Wayne
780 427-1767 Director, Collections Management
Hohmann, Glynys
780 415-8450 Manager, Government Records
Gourlie, Michael
780 415-8138 Government Records Archivist
King, Sara
780 427-8773 Government Records Archivist
Northcott, Heather
780 427-1772 Government Records Archivist
Hunt, Fionnuala
780 427-1773 Government Records Archival Techinician
Leschert, Meghan
780 643-1188 Government Records Archival Technician
Overend, Morgan
780 415-8377 Government Records Archival Technician
Anderson, Tom
780 415-0700 Manager, Private Records
Cannon, Braden
780 644-1605 Private Records Archivist
Udma, Cristian
780 638-3888 Private Records Archivist
Kropiniski, Kelsey
780 427-0669 Private Records Archivist
Antoniuk, Lucas
780 427-0568 Archives Systems Administrator
Butchart, Lorraine
780 638-4713 Private Records Archival Technician
Wisheu, Adam
780 427-0680 Private Records Archival Technician
Zhang, Carmen
780 638-3525 Private Records Archival Technician
Stanton, Susan
780 427-0068 Director, Access and Conservation Services
Pietrzykowski, Natalia
780 415-8143 Reference Archivist
Simonson, Karen
780 415-8143 Reference Archivist
Smyth, Raven
780 415-8451 Reference Archivist
Dilts, Angie
780 644-7999 Access Archivist
Yaroshuk, Connie
780 427-0179 Retrieval Aide / Archival Technician
Landry, Jaclyn
780 427-0356 Program and Volunteer Coordinator
Freake, Alison
780 415-4869 Textual Records Conservator
O'Riordan, Terry
780 427-0236 Audiovisual Conservator
Bernier, Tom
780 415-8563 Audiovisual Media Technician
Ham, Yesan
780 415-8573 Photographic Technician

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