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Organizational Units

Arts, Culture and Status of Women
Organizational Units

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Arts, Culture and Status of Women
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Corporate Finance Division
Heritage Division
Policy and Program Coordination
Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
Provincial Archives of Alberta
Reynolds Museum
Frank Slide Interpretive Centre
Leitch Collieries Provincial Historic Site
Oil Sands Discovery Centre
Remington Carriage Museum
Royal Alberta Museum
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
Historic Resources Management Branch
Status of Women and Creative and Community Development Division
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Information (In North America) Outside Alberta Toll Free Number 1-888-440-4240
Making, Lisa
403 820-6244 Executive Director
Kowalchuk, Becky
403 820-6202 Executive Assistant
Peevey, Winda
403 821-2121 Reception
Eddy, Tyler
403 820-6248 Project Management
403 820-6244 Director, Exhibits and Communications
Sabrowski, Sue
403 820-6282 Digital Media Coordinator
Webster, Luke
403 820-6204 Head, Design Services
Nicholls, Warren
403 820-6221 Head, Exhibits Program
White, Cameron
403 821-2115 Security
Christian, Dawn
403 820-6280 Horticulturalist
Scott, Craig
403 820-6219 Director, Preservation and Research
Sloan, Donna
403 821-2119 Scientific Illustrator
Brown, Caleb
403 820-6254 Curator, Systematics and Evolution
Therrien, Francois
403 820-6217 Curator of Dinosaur Palaeoecology
403 820-6216 Curator, Sedimentary Geology
Henderson, Donald
403 820-6218 Curator, Dinosaurs
Gardner, James (Jim)
403 820-6285 Curator, Palaeoherpetology
O'Brien, Lorna
403 821-2128 Preparation Lab Supervisor
Kowalchuk, Amy
403 821-2100 Museum Technician
Tanke, Darren
403 823-7707 [3302] Museum Technician
Spivak, Dan
403 820-6210 Head, Resource Management Program
Strilisky, Brandon
403 820-6211 Collections Management
Sanchez, Becky
403 820-6212 Systems and Data Entry
Martin, Jason
403 820-6223 Director, Operations and Finance
Marshall, Melanie
403 820-6206 Financial Reporting
Wiebe, Earle
403 820-6224 Head of Education
Zariski, Deanne
403 820-6242 Head of Business and Visitor Services
Dyck, Jill
403 820-6205 Administrative Assistant
Syvertsen, Karen
403 820-6250 Business Systems Coordinator
Bell, Courtney
403 820-6225 Bookings Officer
Turner, Ashley
403 820-6226 Bookings Officer

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