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Organizational Units

Arts, Culture and Status of Women
Organizational Units

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Arts, Culture and Status of Women
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Corporate Finance Division
Heritage Division
Policy and Program Coordination
Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
Provincial Archives of Alberta
Reynolds Museum
Royal Alberta Museum
Central Operations
Engagement and Education
Curatorial and Research
Collections Services
Visitor Experience
Business Operations
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
Historic Resources Management Branch
Status of Women and Creative and Community Development Division
Curatorial and Research
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Beaudoin, Alwynne
825 468-6170 Director, Curatorial and Research
Ostapchuk, Matthew
Curator, Military and Government History
Curatorial and Research

Arts, Culture and Status of Women

Phone: 825 468-6211
Fax: 825 468-6251

825 468-6211 Curator, Military and Government History
Schamuhn, Kirstan
780 422-9620 Assistant Curator, Military and Government House
Petrov, Julie
825 468-6230 Curator, Daily Life and Leisure
Heins, Lucie
825 468-6213 Assistant Curator, Daily Life and Leisure
Richardson, Jillian
825 468-6234 Curator, Labour and Industry
Rostom, Nagwan
825 468-6216 Assistant Curator, Labour and Industry
Forsythe, Kyle
780 218-1638 Curator, Archaeology
Dawe, Bob
825 220-1005 Assistant Curator, Archaeology
Giering, Karen
825 468-6214 Assistant Collections Curator, Archaeology
Tymko, Kimberlee
825 468-6220 Collections Technician, Archaeology
Barron-Ortiz, Christina
825 468-6166 Acting Curator, Quaternary Studies
Bramble, Katherine
825 468-6052 Acting Assistant Curator, Quaternary Palaeontology
Tirlea, Diana
825 468-6164 Assistant Curator, Quaternary Environments
Bowerman, Melissa
825 468-6171 Steward, Geology
Hudon, Jocelyn
825 468-6175 Curator, Ornithology
Scobie, Corey
825 468-6180 Assistant Curator, Ornithology
Caners, Richard
825 468-6172 Curator, Botany
Cherniawsky, Donna
825 468-6163 Assistant Curator, Botany
Kriston, Ian
825 468-6157 Curatorial Technical Coordinator
Cairns, Nicholas
825 468-6177 Curator, Nonavian Vertebrates
McFadden, Sean
825 468-6179 Assistant Curator, Non-avian Vertebrates
Snyman, Louwrens (Loki)
825 468-6174 Curator, Invertebrate Zoology
Buck, Matthias
825 468-6065 Assistant Curator, Invertebrate Zoology
Heule, Peter
825 468-6159 Live Animals Supervisor
Bergen, Brody
780 982-0471 Live Animals Technician
Roth, Jennifer
780 940-8212 Live Animals Assisant
Owen, Samuel
780 940-8212 Live Animals Technician
Port, Antony
780 940-0241 Live Animals Assistant

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