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Organizational Units

Agriculture and Irrigation
Organizational Units

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Agriculture and Irrigation
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Trade, Investment and Food Safety Division
Food Safety Branch
Food and Bio-Processing Branch
Intergovernmental Relations and Trade Branch
Competitiveness and Market Analysis Section
Statistics and Data Development Section
Trade,Transportation and Labour Policy Section
Program Delivery Unit
Export and Investment Branch
Rural Economic Development Branch
Primary Agriculture Division
Financial Services Division
Trade,Transportation and Labour Policy Section
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Kuperis, Peter
780 415-8608 Director, Trade, Transportation and Labour Policy
Marston, Amera
Section Administrator
Trade,Transportation and Labour Policy Section

Agriculture and Irrigation

Phone: 780 427-3227

780 427-3227 Section Administrator
Su, Chuanliang (Johnny)
780 422-7807 Domestic Policy Analyst
Mauro, Donna
780 638-3653 Senior Policy Analyst
Chochula, Mark
780 427-4244 Business Policy Analyst
Ohama, Vince
403 340-5545 Business Policy Analyst
Dessiye, Getachew
780 644-3783 Senior Trade Policy Analyst
Roth, Christopher
780 644-8958 Trade Policy Analyst
Thangaraj, Rawlin
780 644-1207 Trade Policy Analyst
Morris, Lauren
780 968-3556 Green Certificate Program Administrative Coordinator
Mercer, Raelene
780 968-3551 Green Certificate Coordinator

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