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Organizational Units

Agriculture and Irrigation
Organizational Units

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Agriculture and Irrigation
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Trade, Investment and Food Safety Division
Primary Agriculture Division
Animal Health and Assurance Branch
Crop Assurance and Rural Programming Branch
Crop Assurance Programming Section
Plant and Bee Health Surveillance Section
Natural Resource Management Branch
Water Infrastructure and Operations Branch
Financial Services Division
Plant and Bee Health Surveillance Section
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Feindel, David, Dr.
780 422-4911 Director
Samborsky, Cindy
780 422-1881 Section Administrator
Lewis, Tina
780 415-2321 Seed Potato Repository Lead
Stevenson, Cameron
780 422-1242 Operations Lead
Berry, Jo-Ann
780 422-0750 Farm Operations
Cruz, Oscar
780 415-2328 Senior Farm Technologist
Harding, Michael, Dr.
403 362-1338 Crop Assurance Program Lead
Neeser, Chris, Dr.
403 362-1331 Weed Program Lead
Barkley, Shelley
403 362-1350 Insect Technologist
Daniels, Greg
403 362-1304 Senior Plant Pathology Technologist
Hill, Blake
Plant Pathology Technologist
Plant and Bee Health Surveillance Section

Agriculture and Irrigation

Phone: 403 548-2014
Fax: 403 362-1326

403 548-2014 Plant Pathology Technologist
Feng, Jie, Dr.
780 644-3436 Alberta Plant Health Lab Lead
Fu, Heting
780 638-4268 Diagnostics Lab Technician
Yang, Yalong
780 638-3998 Diagnostics Lab Technician
Zahr, Kher
780 422-0886 Diagnostics Lab Technologist
Panasiuk, Alexandra
  Senior Lead Apiculture Inspector
de Herdt, Olivia
780 644-8746 Apiculture Technician

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