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Organizational Units

Agriculture and Irrigation
Organizational Units

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Agriculture and Irrigation
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Trade, Investment and Food Safety Division
Food Safety Branch
Agri-Food Assurance
Biology Unit
Chemistry Unit
Meat and Dairy Inspection Section
Food and Bio-Processing Branch
Intergovernmental Relations and Trade Branch
Export and Investment Branch
Rural Economic Development Branch
Primary Agriculture Division
Financial Services Division
Biology Unit
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Rolheiser, Deana
780 427-8324 Biology Unit Head
Krivushin, Kirill
Biology Unit

Agriculture and Irrigation

Phone: 780 644-2645

780 644-2645 Bioinformatician
Lazaroff, Wayne
780 415-6543 Senior Technologist, Molecular Biology
Beraskin, Erin
780 644-4605 Technologist, Molecular Biology
Dahal, Abhishek
780 422-0281 Technologist, Molecular Biology
Hermary, Mariah
780 643-9467 Technologist, Molecular Biology
Veloso, Pauline
780 422-1823 Technologist, Safety and Services
Gibson, Suzanne
780 415-4514 Technologist, Safety and Services
Dublanko, Mikki
780 644-5376 Biological Safety Officer/Senior Technologist, Safety and Services
Gensler, Gary
780 427-2246 Scientist, Microbiologist
Pura, Jaclyn
780 427-5504 Senior Technologist, Veterinary Microbiology
Popa, Mihaela
780 427-8378 Technologist, Veterinary Microbiology
Lu, Patricia
780 415-8787 Molecular Biology Scientist
Taylor, Catherine
780 427-2244 Technologist, Veterinary Microbiology

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