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Organizational Units

Agriculture and Irrigation
Organizational Units

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Agriculture and Irrigation
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Trade, Investment and Food Safety Division
Primary Agriculture Division
Financial Services Division
Financial Services Branch
Emergency Management Services Section
Facilities Management Section
Financial Services Branch
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Information 780 427-2151
Buchanan, James E
  Executive Director of Financial Services Branch
Irvine, Stephanie
780 644-2296 Executive Assistant
Surana, Kavita
780 422-5746 Executive Director, Forestry and Parks
Quilon, Jonna
780 427-4224 Executive Assistant, Forestry and Parks
Yan, Jessica
780 243-1548 Director, Financial Planning, Forestry and Parks
Yurchi, Brenda
780 422-6694 Director, Financial Operations and Reporting
Zhao, Susan
780 422-5867 Director, Facilities and Fleet Services
McMahon, Andrew
  Director, Procurement and Grants
Neitsch, Courtney
  Grant Advisor
McClement, Jacqueline
780 644-9648 Contract and Procurement Specialist
McLenaghan, Sheilah
780 422-3230 Manager, Financial Reporting
Haddrell, Matthew
780 422-5629 Senior Budget Analyst
Shupenia, Charlene
780 427-2162 Senior Budget Analyst
Xu, Stella
  Senior Budget Analyst
Matutino, Warren
780 422-6696 Budget Analyst
Yan, Joyce
780 427-9321 Budget Analyst
Raman, Meena
780 427-1968 Budget Analyst
Turong, Michael
  Financial Analyst
Moore, Sandra
780 427-9110 Security Analyst
Monilaws, Catherine
780 422-1555 Asset and Insurance Coordinator
Redeker, Janet
Revenue Administrator
Financial Services Branch

Agriculture and Irrigation

Phone: 780 427-9138

780 427-9138 Revenue Administrator
Yu, Jessica
780 422-6109 Senior Reporting Analyst
Meng, Xiaomeng
780 422-6165 Financial Administrator
Broen, Brittany
780 415-9931 Revenue Analyst
Zhu, Meimei
780 422-7072 Revenue Analyst
Kristoff, Natalie
780 644-3216 Budget Analyst
Bluett, Jodi
780 644-2792 Financial Review Assistant
Khoja, Malik
780 427-9172 Payments Analyst
Lee, Melissa J.
780 415-1280 Payments Analyst
Halvorsen, Kathy
  Grant Advisor
McHugh, Cheryl
  Purchasing Agent
Faulkner, Sasha
780 427-4312 Team Lead, Contracts and Procurement Specialist
DeClercq, Susan
780 644-2707 Purchasing Agent
Yesufu, Sadiku
780 422-5028 Manager, Financial Compliance and Systems
Ranger, Betty
  Compliance Officer
Gonzales, Ivy R.
780 643-6616 Financial Review Analyst
Opaleye, Oluwayemisi
  Financial Review Analyst
Toor, Prab
780 644-9634 Financial Review Analyst
Hoybak, Laura
  Financial Analyst

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