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Organizational Units

Agriculture and Irrigation
Organizational Units

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Agriculture and Irrigation
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Trade, Investment and Food Safety Division
Primary Agriculture Division
Animal Health and Assurance Branch
Crop Assurance and Rural Programming Branch
Natural Resource Management Branch
Natural Resource Analysis Section
Natural Resource Program Development and Delivery Section
Irrigation Secretariat
Basin Water Management Section
Farm Water Supply Section
Natural Resource Innovation Section
Water Infrastructure and Operations Branch
Financial Services Division
Basin Water Management Section
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Nitschelm, Jennifer
403 381-5796 Director, Basin Water Management and Irrigation Secretariat
Mehta, Rupal
403 381-5171 Administrative Support
Charest, Jollin
Manager, Basin Water Management
Basin Water Management Section

Agriculture and Irrigation

Phone: 403 381-5195
Fax: 403 381-5765

403 381-5195 Manager, Basin Water Management
Akther, Musa
403 381-5906 Data Management Analyst
Melnychuk, Troy
403 381-5540 Evaluation and Monitoring Technologist
Gonzalez, Andrea
403 381-5117 Water Management Modelling Engineer
Philipps, Tanner
403 382-4407 Water Management Engineer
Ankutowicz, Eric
403 381-5152 Geospatial Systems Analyst
Haque, Saad
403 381-5908 Irrigation Data Analyst

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