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Organizational Units

Agriculture and Irrigation
Organizational Units

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Agriculture and Irrigation
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Trade, Investment and Food Safety Division
Food Safety Branch
Agri-Food Assurance
Biology Unit
Chemistry Unit
Meat and Dairy Inspection Section
Food and Bio-Processing Branch
Intergovernmental Relations and Trade Branch
Export and Investment Branch
Rural Economic Development Branch
Primary Agriculture Division
Financial Services Division
Agri-Food Assurance
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Information 780 422-4830
Bundt, Barb
Section Purchasing Clerk
Agri-Food Assurance

Agriculture and Irrigation

Phone: 780 977-1319
Fax: 780 542-6454

780 977-1319 Section Purchasing Clerk
Magyar, Sandra
780 422-4830 Section Administrative Assistant
Chiu, Bonnie
780 427-0840 Food Policy Analyst
Forys, Lucas
780 427-8303 Quality Assurance Officer
Dijanovic, Snezana
780 422-0489 Assistant Quality Assurance Officer
Peters, Tammy
  Assistant Quality Assurance Advisor
Frank-Ruediger, Monika
403 948-8517 Safe Food System Specialist
Futz, Janice
403 422-0406 Safe Food Specialist

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