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Organizational Units

Affordability and Utilities
Organizational Units

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Affordability and Utilities
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Corporate Services Division
Affordability Division
Utilities Division
Generation, Transmission and Markets Branch
Retail Distribution and Coal Branch
Retail & Distribution Policy Unit
Strategic Initiatives and Rural Utilities
Retail & Distribution Policy Unit
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Shum, Philip
780 964-3513 Director
Johnsen-Sollos, Arne
780 644-5457 Senior Manager, Distribution
Rutten, Jonathan
780 638-3565 Special Advisor
Kultys, Ewa
780 422-5433 Senior Policy Analyst
Mahajan Lavania, Siddha
780 643-2236 Senior Policy Analyst
Mochid, Alexandra
780 644-3785 Policy Analyst
Moskaluk, Dana
780 644-2193 Policy Analyst
Simituk, Spencer
  Policy Analyst

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