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Organizational Units

Advanced Education
Organizational Units

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Advanced Education
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Financial Services
Private Career Colleges and Student Aid Division
Programs, Engagement and Innovation Division
Skilled Trades and Professions Division
Apprenticeship and Industry Training
Apprenticeship Delivery and Support Services
Apprenticeship Delivery Services
Fort McMurray
Grande Prairie
Medicine Hat
Peace River
Red Deer
Slave Lake
Assessment, Certification and Business Integration
Industry Programs and Standards
CCDA Secretariat, Apprenticeship Delivery
Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board
Client Services Regional Office
Program Implementation and Coordination
Regulated Professions
Strategic and Business Services Division
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Main Number 403 476-9757
Taha, Ayman
403 297-7509 Manager
Brewster, Dave
403 592-2767 Team Lead
Ervin, Trent
403 620-4456 AIT Officer
Field, Patrick
587 586-6159 AIT Officer
Foster, Heath
587 226-5783 AIT Officer
Gordon, Darrel
587 586-6154 AIT Officer
Goss, Julie
403 381-4430 AIT Officer
Pankewich, Peter
403 816-7347 AIT Officer
Pocock, David
587 228-3544 AIT Officer
Woloschuk, Rodney
403 592-3235 AIT Officer
Wong, Kenneth K.
403 809-7442 AIT Officer
Khunkhun, Darshan
403 297-2191 Institute Liaison
Archer, Michelle
403 297-4893 Team Lead
Fernandez, Anna
403 592-2674 Administrator
Godfrey, Rachel
403 476-4933 Administrator
Shouldice, Kelsey
403 297-4865 Administrator
Stephens, Noelle
403 355-4614 Administrator
Unnikrishnan, Bindu
403 297-3041 Administrator
Savage, Annette
403 297-3524 Team Lead
Gavin, Ross
403 297-6645 Administrator
Groot, Cindy
403 592-2697 Administrator
Harrison, Wendy
403 592-2700 Administrator
Hergert, Leigha
403 476-4787 Administrator
Lee, Bev
403 476-4786 Administrator

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