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Organizational Units

Advanced Education
Organizational Units

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Advanced Education
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Financial Services
Private Career Colleges and Student Aid Division
Programs, Engagement and Innovation Division
Skilled Trades and Professions Division
Apprenticeship and Industry Training
Apprenticeship Delivery and Support Services
Apprenticeship Delivery Services
Assessment, Certification and Business Integration
Industry Programs and Standards
CCDA Secretariat, Apprenticeship Delivery
Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board
Client Services Regional Office
Program Implementation and Coordination
Regulated Professions
Strategic and Business Services Division
Assessment, Certification and Business Integration
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Ducarme, Adam
780 686-4560 Director
Charlebois, Kevin
587 987-4589 Senior Manager, Business Integration Shared Services
Lea, Andy
780 422-2905 Training Delivery Analyst
Dizon, Spencer
780 427-1163 AMS Systems Support
Levac, James
780 644-1181 AMS Systems Support
Neiser, Ken
780 427-4603 Coordinator
Caccia-Mizier, Kim
587 983-1333 ATOMS User Analyst
Mella, Israel
780 422-5105 Manager, Quality Assurance
Samide, Jim
780 415-5806 Quality Assurance Analyst
Lai, Jackelyn
780 644-1283 Manager
Nunes, Sandra
780 422-6957 Senior Technical Trades Advisor
Antsey, Sheila
780 427-5787 Technical Trades Advisor
Adebolu, Jaiye
780 644-8721 Qualifications Assessor
Banaag, Michael
780 638-9527 Qualifications Assessor
Chin, Lunamaria
780 422-1643 Qualifications Assessor
Gurung , Santa
780 638-2911 Qualifications Assessor
Murugan, Sarojini
780 644-8848 Qualifications Assessor
Esen, Eric
403 297-6644 Qualification Coordinator
Highberg, Suzanne
780 826-4540 Qualification Coordinator
de Boda, Sophia
780 644-2619 Unit Administrator / Supervisor
Henriquez, Claudia
780 427-6940 ACBI Administrator
Javier, Lourdes
780 643-0800 ACBI Administrator
Kumar, Royleen
780 427-8770 ACBI Administrator
Lahti, Trina
780 422-5128 ACBI Administrator
Nash, Sonja
825 468-4069 ACBI Administrator
Ram, Evelyn
780 638-3331 ACBI Administrator
Sujievan, Reolini
780 644-4716 ACBI Administrator

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