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Organizational Units

Advanced Education
Organizational Units

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Advanced Education
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Financial Services
Private Career Colleges and Student Aid Division
Programs, Engagement and Innovation Division
International, Research and Innovation
Program Innovation and Digital Transformation
Digital Design and Transformation
Program Oversight and Workforce Planning Unit
Stakeholder Engagement and Student Supports
Skilled Trades and Professions Division
Strategic and Business Services Division
Program Oversight and Workforce Planning Unit
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Gaudette, Paul
780 644-8138 Director, Program Oversight and Workforce Planning
Awujoola, Akin
780 427-7203 Manager, Strategic Workforce Planning
Woods, Adam
780 422-2179 Research Analyst
Collins, Emily
780 643-2863 Strategic Workforce Analyst
Matondo, Maria
  Strategic Workforce Analyst
Wynn, Taylor
780 638-2300 Strategic Workforce Analyst
Peters, Allison
780 641-9515 Manager, Program Oversight and CAQC Secretariat
Balding, Charlotte
780 427-6804 System Quality Analyst
Braun, Daniel
780 641-9968 System Quality Analyst
Makar, Alex
780 422-6186 System Quality Analyst
Rock, Robert
780 427-7553 System Quality Analyst
Cole, Michelle
  Program Approval Specialist
Muchynsky, Corey
  Program Approval Specialist
Franke, Eric
780 427-5629 Program Resource Officer

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