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Organizational Units

Advanced Education
Organizational Units

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Advanced Education
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Financial Services
Private Career Colleges and Student Aid Division
Programs, Engagement and Innovation Division
Skilled Trades and Professions Division
Apprenticeship and Industry Training
Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board
Client Services Regional Office
Program Implementation and Coordination
Foundational Learning Supports
Program Policy and Stakeholder Relations
Learner Income Support Office and Delivery Support
Delivery Support
Fairness for Newcomers Office
Foundational Learning Assistance Program
Program Development and Client Outreach
Private Career Colleges
Strategic Integration Policy Branch
Regulated Professions
Strategic and Business Services Division
Program Development and Client Outreach
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Marr, Anita
780 288-3734 Manager, Strategic Integration
Andrews, Kathryn
587 985-9856 Manager, Program Implementation
Catrinescu, Razvan
780 619-0587 Analyst
Mallon, Megan
780 499-3590 Analyst
From, Rhonda
780 893-2702 Manager, Operational Awareness
Kerr, Jennifer
780 217-8627 Issues Coordinator
Johnson, Elysia
780 638-3124 Information and Web Specialist

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