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Organizational Units

Advanced Education
Organizational Units

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Advanced Education
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Financial Services
Private Career Colleges and Student Aid Division
Programs, Engagement and Innovation Division
International, Research and Innovation
Program Innovation and Digital Transformation
Stakeholder Engagement and Student Supports
Student Supports Coordination
Stakeholder Engagement
Skilled Trades and Professions Division
Strategic and Business Services Division
Student Supports Coordination
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Desrochers, Julie
780 660-7413 Director
Bayburt, Siao
780 644-7206 Branch Administrator
Lyseng, Ann Marie
780 427-5299 Senior Manager, Learner Pathways
Dohei, Eric
780 644-3185 Operations Facilitator
Pick, Shawn
780 644-0804 Program Support
Boutilier, Carolyn
780 644-5675 Admissions and Transfer Coordinator
Kochan, Sean
780 427-4061 Senior Analyst, Strategic Projects and Analysis
Winton, Chris
780 427-0399 Senior Analyst, Strategic Projects and Analysis
Xiao, Zeo
780 643-0868 Senior Analyst, Strategic Projects and Analysis
Khalideen-Komishke, Nadira
780 644-0470 Senior Analyst
Alles, Sharon
780 415-8323 Senior Analyst, Mental Health and Student Safety

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