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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Species at Risk and Stewardship Section
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Cotterill, Sue
780 422-9535 Director
Williams, Kelly
780 960-8623 Acting Director
Fargey, Pat
780 415-2001 Provincial Species at Risk Specialist
Kemper, Cindy
780 644-8014 Species at Risk Biologist
Braid, Andrew
780 868-2440 Species at Risk Biologist
Schaubel, Lisa
780 415-4616 Fisheries Biologist
Court, Dr., Gordon
780 422-9536 Provincial Wildlife Status Biologist
Gutsell, Robin
Wildlife Status Biologist
Species at Risk and Stewardship Section

Environment and Protected Areas

Phone: 780 644-1154

780 644-1154 Wildlife Status Biologist
Wilkinson, Lisa
780 723-8556 Provincial Non-Game Specialist
Pilgrim, Nicole
780 638-5944 Aquatic Species at Risk Coordinator
Slater, Simon
780 686-1106 Provincial Recovery Specialist
780 427-9503 Provincial Species at Risk Habitat Biologist

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