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Organizational Units

Mental Health and Addiction
Organizational Units

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Mental Health and Addiction
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Policy and Programs Division
System Enhancement and Legislation Branch
Policy Implementation Unit
Legislation and Policy Unit
Business Intelligence and Systems Planning Unit
System Design and Monitoring Branch
System Overview and Strategic Services Division
Legislation and Policy Unit
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Puttick, Kenton
780 644-4596 Director
Adido, Terry
780 638-3942 Manager
Enslen, Sharon
780 641-8642 Manager
Jackson, Erin L
780 422-1344 Manager
Demeria, Jennifer
780 233-8247 Manager, Legislation and Policy
Sharma, Abhishek
  Programs and Response Advisor
Lien, Kevin
587 338-4976 Senior Policy Analyst
Muringai, Violet
780 638-4098 Senior Policy Analyst
Murdoch, Robert
Senior Policy Analyst
Legislation and Policy Unit

Mental Health and Addiction

Phone: 780 427-4426

780 427-4426 Senior Policy Analyst
Perram, Megan
780 644-4167 Senior Policy Analyst
Weich, Aunya
587 990-6993 Senior Policy Analyst
Kozdron, Marta
780 638-1309 Policy Analyst
Phillips, Rebecca
780 427-3538 Policy Analyst

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