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Organizational Units

Environment and Protected Areas
Organizational Units

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Environment and Protected Areas
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Ministerial Correspondence Unit
Environmental Law Team
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
Office of the Chief Scientist
Financial Services Division
Financial Administrative Branch
Administrative Services Section
Financial Planning Section
Contracts and Reporting Section
Financial Operations and Reporting Section
Lands Division
Lands Planning Branch
Land and Environmental Planning (South) Section
Land and Environmental Planning (Central) Section - Planning Branch
Land and Environment Planning (North) Section - Planning Branch
Cumulative Effects Management Planning Section - Planning Branch
Lands Policy and Programs Branch
Grants and Program Delivery
Land Conservation and Reclamation Policy Section
Public Lands Policy Section
Land Use and Integrated Resource Management System Secretariats
Policy Division
Air and Climate Policy Branch
Air Policy Section
External Climate Policy and Risk Management Section
TIER Policy and Economics Section
Strategic Climate Policy Section
Industrial Climate Policy
Climate Regulation and Carbon Markets Branch
Climate Change Compliance Section
Emission Offsets Section
Conventional Oil and Gas and Cost Containment Section
Policy and Climate Systems Branch
Policy Integration Section
Policy Coordination Section
Climate Partnerships and Adaptation Section
Climate Planning and Reporting Section
Water and Waste Policy Branch
Waste Policy Section
Strategic Initiatives and Science Advice
Water Quality Section
Regulatory Assurance Division
Environmental Emergency Management Branch
Alberta Environment Support and Emergency Response Team (ASERT)
Consequence Management Section
Environmental Investigations Section
Regulatory Assurance Division North
Boreal District
Boreal Approvals
Compliance East
Compliance West
Capital District
Approvals West
Approvals East
Capital Compliance
Regulatory Assurance Division South
Red Deer
Regulatory Programs Branch
Regulatory Assurance
Approvals Unit
Compliance Unit
Regulatory Excellence Section
Regulatory Improvement
Regulatory Evaluation and Reporting
Drinking Water / Wastewater Section
Drinking Water Certification
Drinking Water Operations Unit
Contaminated Sites and Remediation
North Operations
South Operations
Program Coordination Unit
Resource Stewardship Division
Environmental Knowledge and Prediction Branch
River Engineering and Technical Services Section
Integrated Environmental Modelling and Prediction Section
Environmental Knowledge and Data Stewardship Section
Air and Water Quality Data
Data, Standards and Services
Data Stewardship
Watershed Resilience and Transboundary Waters Section
Fish and Wildlife Stewardship Branch
Fish and Wildlife Policy Section
Northeast Region
Fisheries Management Northeast Section
Wildlife Management North East Section
Northwest Region
South Region
Species at Risk and Stewardship Section
Oilsands Monitoring Branch
Environmental Science and Field Operations Section
Governance and Corporate Section
Airshed and Watershed Stewardship Branch
Airshed Sciences
Provincial Air and Watershed Resource Management
Red Deer/North Saskatchewan
South Saskatchewan
Peace River
Provincial Airshed and Watershed Monitoring
Air Monitoring
Water Monitoring
Grande Prairie
Community-Based Monitoring and Knowledge
Watershed Sciences
Strategy and Governance Division
Intergovernmental Relations and Engagement Branch
Engagement and Education Section
Intergovernmental Relations Section
Agency and Partnership Governance Section
Bow Habitat Station and Outreach Services
Indigenous Initiatives, Consultation and Collaboration Branch
Indigenous Consultation and Engagement Section
Ministry Services Section
Indigenous Advisor Section
Operational Services Branch
Operations Monitor and Evaluation
Operational Services
Regional Services North West
Regional Services South
Regional Services North East
Regional Services Central
Safety Program Delivery
Provincial Geospatial Center
Geospatial Program and Services
Provincial Geospatial Center
Geospatial Projects
Northeast Geospatial Unit
Northwest Geospatial Unit
South Geospatial Unit
North Central Geospatial Unit
Risk and Business Continuity
1GX Continuity
Office of System Transformation
Planning and Performance
Continuous Improvement
Office of Change Management
Environmental Appeals Board
Public Lands Appeal Board
Natural Resources Conservation Board
Calgary Office
Edmonton Office
Lethbridge Office
Morinville Office
Red Deer Office
Environment and Protected Areas
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Main Information Number 780 944-0313
Toll Free Number Toll Free Number 310-3773 Toll Free Number 1-877-310-3773
Wildfire Hotline Toll Free Number 310-fire (3473)
Energy and Environmental Emergencies/Complaints (24-hour) Toll Free Number 1-800-222-6514
Transportation of Dangerous Goods (24-Hour) Toll Free Number 1-800-272-9600
Report-a-Poacher Hotline Toll Free Number 1-800-642-3800
Report Crown Land Violations Toll Free Number 310-land (5263) Toll Free Number 1-833-310-5869
Aquatic Invasive Species Hotline Toll Free Number 1-855-336-boat Toll Free Number 1-855-336-2628
Outreach Services Toll Free Number 310-3773 Toll Free Number 1-877-310-3773
Alberta Parks Contact Centre Toll Free Number 1-877-537-2757

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