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Organizational Units

Agriculture and Irrigation
Organizational Units

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Agriculture and Irrigation
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Trade, Investment and Food Safety Division
Primary Agriculture Division
Animal Health and Assurance Branch
Crop Assurance and Rural Programming Branch
Natural Resource Management Branch
Natural Resource Analysis Section
Natural Resource Program Development and Delivery Section
Irrigation Secretariat
Basin Water Management Section
Farm Water Supply Section
Natural Resource Innovation Section
Water Infrastructure and Operations Branch
Financial Services Division
Natural Resource Analysis Section
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Nelson, Virginia
587 486-1010 Director
Madsen, Deanne
780 939-1218 Sustainable Agriculture Resource Specialist
Murray, Vince
780 674-8277 AOPA Engineer
Sundquist, Karen
780 644-2989 Manager, Land Use Policy
Kueber, Tyler
587 334-3711 Land Use and Resource Policy Coordinator
Ung, Laura
780 980-4200 Provincial Evaluation Specialist
Wright, Ralph
780 427-3556 Manager, Agricultural Meteorology
Yin, Mei
780 427-3594 Climate Data Analyst
Lang-Gorman, Jennifer
780 427-3559 Technical Operations Specialist
Pytlak, Pawel
780 427-3867 Project Technical Analyst
Clarke, David
403 835-0717 Sr.AgroMeteorological Technologist - South
DiMaria, Aldo
780 203-9964 Sr. AgroMeteorological Technologist - North
Crummey, Mark
780 668-5273 AgroMeteorological Technologist
Gibson, Rory A.
403 381-5859 AgroMeteorological Technologist
O'Reilly, Tyler
403 529-3701 AgroMeteorological Technologist
Stordock, Arynn
587 785-6490 Agrometeorological Technologist
Christiansen, Kyle
780 427-3629 Policy Analyst, Agri-Environmental Partnership of Alberta (AEPA)
Wallace, Trevor
780 980-7587 Nutrient Management Specialist

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