Driving a motor vehicle is an earned privilege that carries a considerable amount of responsibility. The driving habits of each motorist contribute to the level of traffic safety in Alberta. The primary purpose of the province's driver licensing system is to supervise habits and apply enforcement where necessary. In order to achieve this goal, the ATSB concentrates on driver rehabilitation. Individuals having to appear before the ATSB may appear with or without legal counsel.

The ATSB may suspend, for a definite or indefinite period of time, the driver's licence of any person referred by the Registrar, the Minister, by the courts or police. The ATSB may order that a person take an education program or prescribe other conditions to hold a driver's licence.

Before suspending or restricting driving privileges, the ATSB gives the person at least 10 days notice in writing (unless driving privileges are already suspended).

In making a decision, the ATSB takes into consideration the person's driving record, driver attitude, driving skills and knowledge, driving disabilities and any other factors it considers relevant.