Changes to impaired driving laws

Alberta’s impaired driving laws are changing effective December 1, 2020. A new Roadside Sanction program will keep our roads safer by providing serious and immediate consequences for all impaired drivers. Read Freeing up police and courts to make Alberta safer for more information.

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COVID-19 response: Deadlines, ATSB Board hearings and office closure

Deadline changes

Alberta is temporarily modifying some regulations regarding deadlines to file appeals with the Alberta Transportation Safety Board, as well as deadline to apply to the courts for judicial review of the board’s decisions.

Keeping the supply chain open and moving during COVID-19 (News release April 9, 2020)

ATSB Board hearings

Effective March 23, 2020, and until further notice, all Alberta Transportation Safety Board (ATSB) hearings will be via telephone or video link. There will be no in-person hearings.

  • If you are already scheduled for an upcoming hearing, you can expect to hear from the ATSB about how your matter will proceed.
  • If you book a new hearing, you will be informed of how your hearing will proceed.

See detailed information on telephone/video interviews (PDF, 495 KB).

Office closure

ATSB offices are currently closed to the public:

  • email all inquiries to [email protected]
  • do not use mail or courier until further notice

For more information about Alberta’s COVID-19 response, visit COVID-19 info for Albertans.

Driving a motor vehicle is an earned privilege that carries a considerable amount of responsibility. The driving habits of each motorist contribute to the level of traffic safety in Alberta. The primary purpose of the province's driver licensing system is to supervise habits and apply enforcement where necessary. In order to achieve this goal, the ATSB concentrates on driver rehabilitation. Individuals having to appear before the ATSB may appear with or without legal counsel.

The ATSB may suspend, for a definite or indefinite period of time, the driver's licence of any person referred by the Registrar, the Minister, by the courts or police. The ATSB may order that a person take an education program or prescribe other conditions to hold a driver's licence.

Before suspending or restricting driving privileges, the ATSB gives the person at least 10 days notice in writing (unless driving privileges are already suspended).

In making a decision, the ATSB takes into consideration the person's driving record, driver attitude, driving skills and knowledge, driving disabilities and any other factors it considers relevant.

For more information, see ATSB driving suspensions and the Alberta Transportation Safety Board website.