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The Alberta 2030 initiative will transform the adult learning system to focus on providing the high quality education, skills and training needed for Alberta’s future.
Attracting and supporting skilled newcomers to help diversify the economy and create jobs.
Investing to connect Albertans and grow the economy.
The 20-Year Strategic Capital Plan examines how innovation, technology, and anticipated trends are changing the way we use, plan, design, and deliver infrastructure.
Alberta is building a lower emission energy future with hydrogen.
This strategy supports Alberta’s Recovery Plan by identifying actions to create jobs and diversify the economy.
Strengthening Alberta’s technology and innovation sector, helping to create jobs and diversify the economy.
Renewing Alberta’s Mineral Future is a strategy and action plan to re-energize Alberta’s minerals sector.
Transforming Alberta’s affordable housing system so it is financially sustainable, accessible and equitable now and into the future.
  • Alberta Recovery Plan
    Alberta's Recovery Plan

    Diversifying today, more jobs tomorrow.

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