The pulse industry is collecting data on the environmental footprint of pea and lentil production in Western Canada.

“This survey will help our industry tell the good news story of pulse crops and continue building our understanding of the good work initiated in 2015 with the Alberta Field Pea LCA,” says Nevin Rosaasen, policy and program specialist with the Alberta Pulse Growers.

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) is both a partner and stakeholder in this work that Pulse Canada is leading.

“This work will provide the industry with credible information on their environmental performance of pea and lentil production in support of the increasing market demands for sustainability information,” says Kerrianne Koehler-Munro, environmental program specialist with AF.

Producers taking the survey will share their production data. Individual farm data will not be disclosed, and confidentiality of that data is assured.

“We understand that producers’ time is valuable, and the survey process of estimating fuel and partitioning electricity use can be difficult,” Rosaasen adds. “However, this information is critical to the long term positioning for pulse growers (industry) in retaining or increasing market access and consumer acceptance. Consumers and citizens are becoming increasingly aware that different foods and food products have varying levels of impact on the environment.”

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The survey closes February 7, 2020.